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Definition of Dupla

The word Dupla refers to two people who are united by a bond that can be work, sports, social or of some other type.


  1. Couple
  2. Duo
  3. Pair
  4. Double


The etymological origin of the word dupla can be identified in the Latin word “duplus”. It is used to denominate that which is conformed by two people, two members or that has twice a quantity.

It is important to know that for a dupla to be successful, it cannot be forced to be formed, but it is integrated spontaneously. Each part of this duo discovers that together they can develop their full potential to a level that they could not independently.

One of the most representative duos are the members of a marriage, it is the union of two people who have decided to be together to support each other and grow together.

Nowadays, couples are very present in everyday life because in social networks and specifically in TikTok there are challenges for couples or couples, they can be questions and answers, dances, competitions or others.

There are thousands of sports for couples, for example badminton, beach volleyball, rowing, ornamental jumps, sailing, tennis and table tennis, just to mention those that participate in the Olympic Games.


There are a lot of iconic duos, who does not remember Batman and Robin, better known as the “dynamic duo”, as well as a much more urban example that can be Wisin and Yandel, who formed a “duo for history”.