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Drive Thru

Definition of Drive Thru

It is a kind of service provided by certain companies, with the ease of dispatching customers from the comfort of their cars. It is also known as self-service and popularized worldwide by fast food restaurants.

Translated from English it literally means “car service” or “self service”.


  1. Drive through
  2. Drive in
  3. Self service
  4. Orders from car


Drive thru comes from the English language as a different way of expressing the words drive through which mean “self service”. In this case, the reference refers to the services provided by some businesses to serve their customers directly in their cars.

This type of service is started in the 1930s by Jordan Martin, in the United States. One of the first banks to provide services from a window to the customer’s vehicle was the National Magnificent Bank of St. Louis, Missouri in 1930, where only deposits could be made.


“Drive-Thru” is a 2007 film that combines horror and comedy genres. The plot revolves around a murderous clown who works as a pet in a fast food joint.

In Las Vegas there is a drive-thru for marriages, which are a kind of specialized chapels.

There are funeral homes where mourners from a window leave their offerings for the remains of their loved ones.

Since 2020, outpatient or drive thru centers have been installed to test drivers for COVID-19.