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Definition of DC

KLM is the way to tell other users that you’re cool via social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram.



Be well

All is well


Depending on the context KLM means a couple of different things, something that is considered as a common meaning of the acronym is that it turns out to be quite usual as meaning ‘calm’ and is used as its replacement.

However most users who use the abbreviation KLM usually use it to denote or signal that they are fine even though this is not the definition of calm which refers to stillness.

This version of KLM spread fairly quickly on social networks during much of the 2010s, then the acronym was adopted today on TikTok, even though its origins date back to the early days of platforms like Snapchat.


KLM has also been trending these days for certain reasons that have nothing to do with the meaning of the calm acronym, as it turns out that KLM can refer to an airline that has fallen out over commercial issues with another airline.
As it turns out, KLM is the leading airline in the Netherlands and was recently awarded a significant aid package from the European Commission responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In this regard, it is possible that when there is a flight delay people on social media will tag #KLM.