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Cuarzo verde

Definition of Cuarzo verde

In geology, green quartz represents a type of quartz, a mineral of the Earth.

Now, in the spiritual sense, green quartz is the gemstone that is responsible for bringing good energy, harmony, softness and renewal; it is the stone that is used to undertake a new job, to carry out a goal or simply to get out of a bad moment.

Green quartz promotes balance and stability to the body.

SYNONYMS FOR Cuarzo verde

  1. Tranquility
  2. Stability
  3. Calmness
  4. Green stone
  5. Harmony quartz
  6. Quartz of peace
  7. Quartz of good energy

ORIGIN OF Cuarzo verde

The green quartz has its origin in a thermal treatment, this is how it gets its striking green color. The orange quartz or amethyst are subjected to intense heat to obtain this beautiful color that characterizes our rock that we are talking about today.

In addition to that, green quartz belongs to the group of precious and semiprecious stones, it is a mineral that is associated with healing, its green color that means hope makes it special for those purposes.
Green quartz also has its origin in fortune, money and success. Because dollars are green, the agent associates its color with prosperity and gain whether physical, spiritual or emotional, there will always be a gain with this quartz.


The green quartz is a precious stone that is usually worn in earrings, necklaces and bracelets, even soccer players carry it in their pockets or personal belongings when they go to a game, this with the motive that the gem brings them success and fortune in their performance as players.

Not only soccer players do this kind of customs, other sportsmen also use it to attract good luck.