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Cuarzo negro

Definition of Cuarzo negro

The phrase black quartz finds its meaning in the words separately, understanding quartz as the most common mineral in the earth’s crust and black as the color that certain known objects have.

Now, quartz is a mineral that has been used for many purposes, one of them is the science called astrology which gives a distinct power to this type of stone.

Black quartz means power, stability, defense, in its most concrete sense, black quartz is used to protect the person who wears it or the house that has it.

Its black color means that it has the ability to absorb bad energies and thus, protect from curses.

SYNONYMS FOR Cuarzo negro

  1. Black gemstone
  2. Brown quartz
  3. Dark quartz
  4. Evil energies
  5. Evil eye

ORIGIN OF Cuarzo negro

Black quartz originates due to the oxidation of aluminum within the surrounding rocks, causing the white or transparent quartz as we know it, to drastically change its color to a very dark one similar to black.

In addition to that, it is believed that, in the spiritual sense, it gradually took on the meaning of protection thanks to the fact that people have found that nature has healing properties, hence the mineral has been named as one of the most powerful in the spiritual realm.

Black quartz, for being so rare and striking and having a chemical equation out of the ordinary according to scholars, has become popular to combat bad energies and curses, it is one of the most recommended minerals if we want to change the aura of our environment.


There are five types of black quartz and each one has a specific power and is used for certain purposes that are encompassed in protection, help and energy.