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Definition of Kobe

It is a type of meat that comes from black cattle known as Tajima Gyu, directly from the island of Honshu, a place where they feed sorghum and different types of medicinal herbs to the cattle. It is a very special meat since the animals are raised in the prefecture of Hyōgo, capital Kobe. This is why this meat is called that way.

The quality is superior to any type of meat, this cattle was far from the bovine breeds and was growing surrounded by the mountainous landscape of Japan. This particularity made it develop unique characteristics that make one breed distinctive from any other and even more so, its meat.

This isolation together with specific feeding techniques was key to Kobe beef being considered the best in the world. With a peculiar flavor and an unparalleled texture. Not only its exquisite flavor makes Kobe beef special, but also its nutritional contributions, high concentration of fatty acids such as omega 3, unlike commercial beef.


  1. ● Tajima-gyu
  2. ● Wagyu


It is believed that in 1868 in the city of Kobe foreigners arrived and settled there after the gates were opened to foreign trade as an international port. As it became a cosmopolitan town, there was an exchange of cultures and traditions.

In Japan it was not customary to eat meat, until a tourist of English origin decided to eat the meat of Tajima-gyu and realized that it was very rich, soft and with unique characteristics. From that moment on, Kobe beef was recognized and its reputation crossed oceans to become the best beef in the world. Since 2012 Kobe beef has been exported to Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, Thailand and the United States.


It has already been said that it is considered the finest and most delicious meat in the world, but it is difficult for all cattle to meet the standards required to be considered Kobe beef. Not all are certified because they do not satisfactorily pass weight limitations and other strict rules.

Kobe is also a common name. One of the popular bearers of the name is the dead basketball player, Kobe Bryant.