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Definition of Backup

The word Backup is an anglicism that translated to English refers to a support or backup. Depending on the context in which it is used, it has several meanings such as:

  • Someone or something that provides support or help. Or, anything that has been arranged in case the main plans go wrong.
  • A member of the team who plays when the person who usually does so is not available.
  • An additional copy of information on electronic equipment such as a computer or cell phone, which is stored separately.


  1. Backup
  2. Support
  3. Assistance


The first known use of the word backup dates back to 1801 in the English language. The noun backup is used when talking about assistance or extra help. Police officers call for backup when they are not sure they can handle a situation on their own. Store cashiers need backup when it gets busy and customers start to line up.

Another type of backup is the backup that is done on the computer. In this case, it is the process of copying your data in case you lose the original files.

Examples of Backup

  • We will need professional support for this project.
  • The department’s backup disks are stored in another building.
  • This is Lionel Messi’s backup.
  • Did you backup your computer? It is important before changing the hard disk.