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Definition of Controlar

Controlar, which in English means to control, is a colloquial term used to refer to conquering, flirting with, or falling in love with a girl.


  1. To flirt
  2. To pick up
  3. Fall in love
  4. Conquer
  5. To woo
  6. Gallivant

ORIGIN OF Controlar

Groups take languages as a form of expression. They take words, phrases, and expressions and appropriate them to leave their mark on the language.

Especially among the adolescent population, there is a need to differentiate themselves from their elders and create their own identity by forming groups. What they do with language is create new expressions, abbreviations, or take existing words and give them a new meaning, as in the case of “controlar.”

Some of these words don’t last long in the language. All of these expressions, like “bro,” will most likely stay within this generation without a great impact.

But “controlar” as a synonym or replacement for flirting or courting a woman has had the opposite effect.

In a way, the reason for this is once again linked to technology. In addition to the influence of musical genres such as trap, rap, or reggaeton, today’s adolescents have a wide variety of options at their disposal to contemplate and indulge in content in their original versions that they could hardly have imagined in the 90s.

And without a doubt, the word “controlar” (meaning “to control” in Spanish) became ingrained to denote conquering a girl, or picking her up, as a synonym for seducing, courting, pursuing, or desiring. So in our language, you can “control” a woman as much as you can charm, sweet-talk, passionately entice, or make her fall in love with you.


Currently there are hundreds of seduction gurus who teach how to “control” a woman or how to flirt with them through changes in mentality, behaviors, attitudes and techniques.

They have channels on YouTube, have published books in print and digital versions, give workshops and have a huge community that recognizes them for giving them the possibility to change their lives.