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Definition of Motoconcho

Motoconcho is a means of transportation widely used in Latin America, commonly called this way in the Dominican Republic, it consists of a motorized vehicle, which is rented along with its driver to transport the person who requires its services.

This kind of service is often used in Latin American cities because the automobile traffic is often congested, so it is easier to move aboard a motoconcho.

Thanks to the motoconcho they manage to arrive on time to any place even when there are intense delays due to slow traffic.


  1. The motoconcho a lot of synonyms due to the fact that it is an expression typical of Dominican Republic, such as:
  2. ● Mototaxi
  3. ● Taxi
  4. There are other terms by which moto conchos or mototaxis can be called this would depend on where you are, for example:
  5. ● Autorickshaw (Thailand)
  6. ● Tuk-Tuk Tuc-Tuc (Thailand-Bang)
  7. ● Cocotaxis (Cuba)

ORIGIN OF Motoconcho

This word is proper and originates from the country of Dominican Republic, where it is customary to refer to cabs as concho, which is derived from the following acronym “Con Choferfer”.

Then its etymology is defined as “moto-con-cho” which is the sum of the words moto con chofer.

It should also be noted that Dominicans call motorized vehicles “motor”.


This word has gone viral, especially in Latin America, and the motoconcho, which has a very catchy rhythm, sounded a lot like a rimambo, and they also made an animation of a client being transported.

In the video you can see the scared face of the client, and another great feature is that the motorcycle drivers in the Dominican Republic are quite reckless which makes the customer is close to having a heart attack.

But undoubtedly many of us heard the motoconcho song playing when it went viral.