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Definition of Panocha

It is one of the ways in which the fruit of corn is named, that is, the cob. For example: Claudia goes to the store for a bowl for soup.


That it belongs to the region of Murcia, in this sense it is used in its feminine and masculine version, that is, panocha or panocho.

By extension, it is used as a type of gentilicio of Murcia, in other words, to designate the people of the place. In addition, to refer to the characteristic accent of the place.


Name given to the product that is processed from sugar cane, in other places it is called piloncillo or panela.

Dessert that is made with the product of sugar cane and that normally has a conical shape.


Sweet bread filled with a mixture made of sugar, cheese and coconut. It is produced and consumed especially in the coastal areas of the country.

costa rica

 Refers to a filled patty made with bread dough. 


This term is used to refer colloquially to the female genital organ. This applies in many areas of Latin America.


  1. Pawg
  2. Cob
  3. Corn
  4. Breakwater


  1. Murciano


  1. Panela
  2. Piloncillo
  3. Abrasion


  1. Dessert
  2. Stuffed bread

costa rica

  1. Patty


Panocha or panocho is a term that comes from the Latin panúcula that means “cob”. From this perspective, its use in Spanish is applied to the same fruit with an elongated shape and with many grains contained in it. Also, it can be applied to the fruit of the panizo and millet.


In the Murcia region, corn on the cob is very typical and is used in various preparations. For this reason, the people of the place began to be called as panocha and it became a colloquial name of the area.


The Latin word panúcula was also used to designate the ears. This is why the relationship with sugarcane was perhaps made in Mexico. Well, this plant has a characteristic spike. With the passage of time, it began to be the way in which the product that is processed from sugar cane is called.


The origin of the characteristic use that is made of the word panocha in this area can be diverse. On the one hand, it is associated with the word “bread” and from there it is a bread that is larger than normal and filled. However, it is also related to the colloquial way of naming the female reproductive system, since it is referred to with this type of mixture.

The use of panocha to convey the v # gina was born from the idea and relationship with bread. In this way, it is used in both Colombia and Costa Rica and many other areas of Latin America.


“Panocha” is the title of the musical theme of “Faraon Love Shady”, which he performs in the remix version with the collaboration of “Jon Z” and “Ele A El Dominio”, whose official audio was published in June 2020.