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Definition of Idilio

The word idilio, idyll in English, refers to two complementary meanings. The first is a loving relationship where both people involved feel like in a fairy tale; the second refers to an ideal world, a world without problems where everything is wonderful and positive.


  1. Ideal
  2. Infatuation
  3. Affair
  4. Dream
  5. Dream
  6. Eternal Love
  7. Courtship


If we talk about etymology, the word idyll comes from the Latin idyllium and this, in turn, comes from the Greek eidyllion which means “little poem”.

It is a pastoral poem and hence the poems that are made from now on are directed, more than anything else, to enhance love. This term focuses on a love conversation and the relationship between lovers.

It should be noted that, in everyday life, idyll refers to a romance that is ideal and perfect between a couple. On the other hand, in literature it is a subgenre of Greek lyric poetry which is part, in turn, of bucolic poetry.

These are dialogue poems of love themes, with situations that develop in a pleasant environment and the characters are usually shepherds or peasants.

The father of this literary subgenre is Theocritus (310 BC – 260 BC). There are also other characters who contributed and are considered antecedents of this subgenre such as Bion of Smyrna (2nd century BC) and the poet Moschus of Syracuse of the same period.


In music, there is a work that revolves around love and the beginnings of a relationship that has much to do with this word that we have defined so far and it is the symphonic composition “The Siegfried Idyll”, created by the German Richard Wagner in 1870.