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Definition of Chucky

Chucky is a term often used to describe various types of emotions: angry or looking for trouble.

It is also used to describe: “I’m fine, I feel fine”.


  1. Angry
  2. Looking for trouble
  3. Feeling or being well
  4. The diabolical doll


Currently, the Dominican society has taken a very evident turn in terms of culture and of course it includes language, because quite often we see a variety of elements that were not previously in their vocabulary and other more primitive ones that have been disappearing or being modified almost in its entirety.

The causes are not known for sure, but it must be taken into account that technology and globalization have influenced this to happen.

As well as the introduction of Anglo-Saxon words and terms, which have permeated a jargon used by artists and exponents of new musical genres such as reggaeton and trap, which have put so many terms and words in fashion that anyone who is not linked to this lexicon or street slang, will not be very clear what they refer to.

A clear example is the word chuky, which for Dominicans is an expression that is somewhat related to the doll from the horror movie, because “Chucky” means to be angry and looking for trouble. But in Spain the meaning has a second meaning, which is to feel good.


The fictional character Charles Lee Ray, also known as Chucky, belongs to the saga of horror films Child’s Play created by Don Mancini. Chucky is a Good doll who is possessed by voodoo magic by a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray.

In Quechua language Chuqui or Chuki means war spear.