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Definition of Astoa

Astoa is a word used to refer to feeling good. To be in fullness.


  1. To be or feel well


The term Astoa does not seem to have a similar or related origin in Dominican slang usage, as many think, because in the Basque language of the Basque Country there is also this word.

But this is not so for Dominicans, for them it has a lot of meaning. If you are in that country and hear “Estoy astoa”, it clearly refers to when a person is well in every way.

But it is no secret that nowadays, young people have their own language code to communicate.

In fact, specialists linked to the linguistic subject of this urban slang affirm that little by little words and expressions are being introduced, many of them jocular, but that certainly deform the correct use of Spanish.


In the Basque language of the Basque Country “astoa” means “Donkey”.

The specialist in the area of the Spanish language, Andrés Toribio, poet and author of the book “Tejidos de mi voz” was asked if these phrases affect the language and he answered the following: “it influences in a negative way only if the rules of the language are violated”.

He was also asked if these expressions used by young people such as manzana, astoa and rototen, among others, were acceptable, to which he said: “they are not accepted, but if there is communication, they are valid”.