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Definition of Cheugy

Generally, the expression “Cheugy” is used to refer to something very old-fashioned, or is associated with certain fashion, lifestyle and pop culture trends that were all the rage in recent decades, so it is normal that it can refer to someone who is sympathetic to outdated trends.


  1. Old-fashioned style
  2. Someone who follows outdated trends, or outdated fashions.


This is one of the expressions that has been coined in the cyber slang of TikTok and other social networks, although many are not sure what its meaning is.

According to the New York times, it was fitted by Gaby Rasson, a 23-year-old software developer who used the term in her college days. However, this just goes to show that cheugy is a rather subjective expression, and there are often discussions about what it may or may not mean.

We already know that there is no single definition for the expression and there are those who mysteriously say that when you see it you will be able to identify it. Similarly on TikTok there are multiple videos with different opinions on what can be pigeonholed within the term.

The idea that dominates the most in terms of its meaning is that it refers to something that had style at some point in time but not today. It is like something used or serves to refer to someone who sympathizes with trends that are no longer in fashion.


As opposed to what many people believe, the term cheugy is not necessarily an offensive term towards a generation. If anything, we all, in some way, possess some cheugy as the term articulates the desire to classify culture as a whole, by attaching labels to aesthetics and making them trends.