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Definition of Cazador

Here we meet again to continue nurturing our internal dictionary, and this time it is a historical word such as “cazador”. A term that originally talked about the courageous action of fighting for survival and is still present today. Continue with us to become that great cazador of knowledge. On the caza!

The subject who caza a living being is defined as a cazador for the purpose of acquiring food or clothing, as it may also be for purely sporting purposes. The caza is one of the oldest activities in the world, as many years ago it was the only means together with fishing and agriculture, to bring sustenment to homes.

Etymology of the Word Cazador

Etymologically this word comes from the verb “cazar” of Latin captiare which means to pursue. And from the suffix “dor” that is the one who performs the action.

This term should not be confused with the verb “casar”, which means marriage.

Cazador Expressions

Currently in colloquiallanguage this word is used many times to refer to a myriad of actions that occur in our daily lives, for example:

  • “They cazaron him with his hands in the dough”

This expression is given to a person who was captured infragrant by committing an undue act.

  • “Elena is always on the caza for millionaire men”

This time it is to refer to a woman who pursues men with money to fall in love with them and benefit from their riches.

  • “I’m cazando you”

Keep an eye on, keep an eye on a person’s actions. Used in warning mode.

Caza Action and Its Limits

Today caza has many limitations, as the Animal Protective Associations have reached an agreement with the rulers of all the countries of the world to prevent this activity and thus protect the varied species that are endangered.

For their part, some authorities warn the custodial person who continues to caza vulnerable species.


We conclude on this occasion thanking you for spending a minute of your time with us. They say “the best cazador misses the hare” but this time you have been cazado for this learning that surely made you feel very comfortable in their nets. Good time!