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Definition of Careverga

Careverga is a derogatory word that is formed by the contraction of the words face and verga, which means: the penis. It is said of a person who has similar features to the male sexual organ.

Textually, it is used to designate a very ugly person. Its more common figurative use is a humiliating insult that has nothing to do with the beauty or ugliness of the person.


• Stupid

• Goofy

• Foolish

• Carepico

• Carepoto

• Caremonda

ORIGIN OF Careverga

There is no doubt that language is capable of expressing much more than structure or the social system, in fact: it symbolizes the social system, with metaphorical representations of its variation patterns; since variations in language are inherent in human cultures and are used for the creation of social meanings.

It is obvious that a distinction must be made between the term language and the term language because the first is defined as the ability to express ideas, thoughts and observations, while the other term refers to the manifestation of language, its system of sounds and signs that represent a means of communication.

The case of careverga can be defined as a slang term, that is, an informal variety of a language that identifies and communicates a certain quality within a certain social group, depending on profession, social status, age, etc.

This is an expression that can be used as an insult towards someone who did something unusual, for example. Or to designate someone with a foolish or silly face or that refers to a stupid person.


On social networks there are millions of posts with the hashtag careverga, especially on TikTok. Similarly, there are many songs available on YouTube that reference this term.