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Definition of Carajito



  1. Child.
  2. Infant.
  3. Escuincle
  4. Brat.
  5. Immature, useless.

ORIGIN OF Carajito

The origin of the word is unknown but, in Spanish-speaking countries and more in the case of Venezuela, it was and is a term that was and is imprinted in the language, and its use is very frequent. However, in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, it appears as a definition of a person who is still in childhood.

Venezuelans have the peculiarity of using it to give different meanings to its synonyms and, for many Latin Americans, the charisma and wit of having witticisms in their slang often define reality and are part of their rich culture.

For example, in the case of “carajito”, it is used to designate an individual between the ages of 3 and 12 who is alert or intelligent and well educated. It is used as a qualifier in a tone of pride.

But “carajito” is also used to refer to any little boy who is always fidgety, inattentive, disrespectful, or a loud, disruptive yeller. It is possible to use it both ways and in the right context it will make sense.

Among adults, it is very common for this word to refer to someone younger than the person who uses it, in expressions such as: “You are too young for that woman! Or it can also allude to when a person is told that he or she needs to grow up.


In the same way as in Venezuela, in Honduras, Dominican Republic and Argentina it is used as a colloquial term to designate kids or children.