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Caer gordo

Definition of Caer gordo

Generally we use the expression “Caer gordo” when we don’t like someone, or we don’t like them, we find them unpleasant or we simply don’t like their personality. Their presence is heavy.


  1. I don’t like him
  2. I don’t like him
  3. I dislike him/her

ORIGIN OF Caer gordo

In the beginning and originally, the word fat means: slow, slow or even dumb and was a word associated with excess weight.

The fat or obese person suffered a series of mockeries and humiliations from others that most of the time suffered in silence and that is probably why “Me caes gordo” is related to the type of phrase or locution that is quite typical of Mexico.

In that country it is used in an informal context when for example you meet someone for the first time and there is something about that person that you don’t like or don’t like.

However, in the North of Mexico “caer gordo” does not have an exclusive meaning, so it is possible to hear some lady say of another “Oh, Juanita is so skinny that I even like her fat!”

It is used in a pejorative sense and falling in contradiction, but using that expression means that that person “gets in our way”, that is, that she is in very bad taste.

Another reference to the black humor that characterizes Northern Mexico is when they say, for example, that someone has passed “to a better life” or “hung up his tennis shoes”. These are very typical Mexican folkloric expressions.

It is worth mentioning that also in Peru and Chile, as well as in many other countries there are people who “fall fat”, in fact the expression has spread to different places not only in Central America but also in South America.


Unlike in the past, today’s society is usually very intolerant with obese or fat people and in recent years the light culture, which reflects the privileges of those who have an extreme thinness, has been increasing discrimination towards overweight people.

In some countries, lotteries and lottery draws usually associate the expression “fat” with the maximum payout. In this case it is a privilege to win the “lottery jackpot”.
“lottery jackpot”.