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Definition of Burofax

The word Burofax is known in Spain as a communication service (mail) that serves to send documents in a safe, urgent and certified way.

This was the means that Lionel Messi used to send a communication to the board of his team (Barcelona FC). In it he expressed the absolute decision to leave the club.

How does Burofax work in Spain?

Basically, Burofax is the service for sending and receiving documents on an urgent basis. The particularity is that the documents sent have proof and faith of their genuine nature, in such case of possible legal effects.

Through Burofax , it is possible to determine who is sending, what is sending, time and date, so that the communication is recorded in front of third parties.

In many cases, the companies that provide this type of services offer up to testimonial certification to give greater legal support to what is sent.

How to send a Burofax?

Anyone in Spain can do it from a post office or online.

He goes to the post office , delivers the document, fills in the shipping form, and, if a reliable shipment is required, make the request as a certificate and acknowledgment of receipt . The cost is around € 30 .

The recipient will receive the document at their home address or will have to go to the nearest post office.

Messi’s Burofax

Through this mail service, the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi sent a letter to the Barcelona FC board, where he made the decision to end the relationship with the Club.

After 20 years in the ranks of the Blaugrana team, Messi decides to end his stay in Barcelona, ​​generating a commotion in all Barça fans and especially in Rosario fans.

Messi’s achievements at Barcelona

Lionel Andrés Messi, due to his time in the “culé” team, won 34 titles that are divided into: 10 Leagues, 6 King’s Cups, 8 Spanish Super Cups, 3 European Super Cups, 4 Champions League and 3 World Cups of Clubs.

To conclude, we want to highlight that Burofax is part of a trademark registered in Spain by a postal company. However, the term is not limited only to that company, as it has become widespread.

Additionally, on the date that Messi used this channel to announce his retirement, the word “Burofax” was one of the most searched on the internet , causing a great fury among Internet users.