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Definition of Fuelle

The word fuelle is a term that is used in the Spanish language and gains different meanings depending on where it is used. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of Bellows and what are its etymological origins.

The word fuelle ca be translated as bellows into english.

The fuelle is a tool used to collect air and then blow it in a specific direction and has several practical uses.

This tool usually serves in various scenarios such as metallurgy and forging where it was used to fan the flames.

Another of its most prominent uses is in the world of music where it is often used in the manufacture of accordions and organs.

Additionally, this word also serves to name a component of the cameras used in its lenses.

Meaning of Bellows in Argentina

In Argentina, mainly in the city of Buenos Aires, the musical instrument called bandoneón is called fuelle .

The bandoneon is a peculiar wind instrument designed in Germany and popularized in Argentina thanks to Tango .

The fuelle or bandoneon is the flagship instrument of Tango producing its characteristic waltz sound.

Origin of the Fuelle

The use of fuelle to refer to the bandoneon instrument comes from the Lunfarda slang of Buenos Aires Argentina .

Lunfarda slang is a sub language or code language, born in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century within the slums of this city.

As a language originally created by prisoners as a prison code language, it quickly gained popularity in Buenos Aires, forming a whole subculture around it.