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Definition of Burlao

The word Burlao is what is called a contraction of the term burlado. It simply means “to be or to be deceived”, however this is not the only meaning it has in urban slang.

Burlar, in different contexts, can mean “gesture with which you try to ridicule someone or something” so it is possible that it also refers to a person being “ridiculed”, “tired”, “drunk”, “drugged”, all depending on the meaning you want and can give it.


  1. To be or to be deceived
  2. To be well off financially
  3. You’ve been taken for a ride.
  4. They looked at your face like an idiot or took you for a pendejo.


At some uncertain time this expression became fashionable on the Internet and now it is used without knowing what it really means. “Estar burlao” does not have a very specific meaning, it depends a lot on who uses it and the context in which it is used.

However, there are several explanations about the meaning of “estar burlao”, some more accepted than others. Within trap, rap and reggaeton there is a diversity of words that are repeated and very common in each song.


It is all about a code that is only understood by those who are familiar with the urban environment, and if it is true that Latin America is large and the words are changing according to the region, reggaeton to begin to lead the music industry managed to unify different words.

Since it is urban music and many of its exponents come from street environments, its lyrics are loaded with a lot of “slang” or street slang, even if its exponents do not come from that environment.

The lexicon that is applied in the Latin streets is what gives “spice” to urban music, which is why those who consume it identify so much with it and its exponents.