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Definition of Bipap

The Bipap is a machine that is closely linked to the world of health, specific to the medical branch of pulmonology. Next we will show you what is the meaning of Bipap and what are the uses of this important device.

The origin of Bipap comes from the English language, specifically from “Bi Level Positive air Preasure” which is a method of assisted breathing.

Starting from this, literally translating the meaning of Bipap is “Bi-level positive pressure”.

Another possible translation of Bipap would be “Positive pressure of two levels”, both one and the other are used in modern medical language.

Bi-Level positive pressure or Bipap in English, works as a method to help people with respiratory difficulties.

This method is executed by a machine also called Bipap which adjusts the mouth and nose of a person through a mask.

This mask is used during sleeping hours in the company of a compressor that emits air currents to keep oxygen flowing.

The use of this device is intended for people with medical conditions such as sleep apnea , asthma , pneumonia and many others.

In this way, those people with difficulties to breathe on their own at bedtime can rest peacefully thanks to this machine.