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Definition of Ciencia

The word Ciencia is one of the most important words in the history of mankind. This constitutes an immeasurable sense of progress and knowledge related to the human being. Next we will show you what is the meaning of Ciencia and what is its origin.

The origin of ciencia comes from the Latin scientĭa, which in that language is the word designated to denote “Knowledge.”

Thus, the definition of Ciencia is “Name of the Set of different lines of Human knowledge that are objects of study”.

As such, the word ciencia can have more than one definition given the extent of its context when used.

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language the definition of ciencia is

“ Set of knowledge obtained through observation and reasoning, systematically structured and from which general principles and laws with predictive capacity and experimentally testable are deduced. 


The Ciencia throughout history has been constituted by observation and experimentation as main pillars.

As an additional fact, a person who serves as a researcher of a certain ciencia is called a scientist.

However, as an important fact, not every practitioner of an ciencia is considered a scientist, since the scientist usually performs Research and Development tasks.

Meaning of Ciencia in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, despite the fact that the term ciencia works as usual, there is another possible meaning in this country.

In this Caribbean country, the term “Do not have gold” is used to determine something that is very easy to do.

It is said that something “has no ciencia” when it is elementary and very easy to do for those who say it.


  • ” Riding a bicycle has no ciencia “: Riding a bicycle is easy to do.