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Definition of Bélico

In reggaeton slang this is a word that is widely used by exponents of the genre to say that something doesn’t look right.

It actually refers to war or related to armed struggle.


  1. Martial, war, fight.
  2. Warrior.
  3. Bellicose.


The term bellicose has the function of an adjective to refer to war or to indicate that something is related to it. It comes from the Latin bellicus, and in turn from the word “bellum” which means “war”.

It is possible to apply the adjective ‘bellicose’ to various terms, such as war material or arsenal, or warlike environment or war context, in which the word ‘bellicose’ can easily be substituted for ‘war’.

In literature, the genre of the war novel, which in many cases is called military fiction, is one that encompasses all the stories that take place while combat is taking place, both on and off the battlefield, and is a work in which the reader is allowed an insight into the feelings and experiences faced by the people affected by war.

Thus, the word “warlike”, in its most general sense, refers to a struggle, a battle, a quarrel or a fight.

The word “bélico” implies violence, and yet in Dominican slang, the word has a quite different meaning as it is widely used by Dominicans to say that something does not look good, for example: “That woman is a bélico: that is to say that this woman does not have an attractive appearance.


Many artists have used this word in their songs, among them Bulin 47 with his song “Bélico”.

Rubén Darío Guzmán Barreto, is better known for having an artistic name related to the term: Reis Bélico. He is a singer of the urban hip hop and trap genre born in 1993 in Venezuela.