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Definition of Banshee

The term banshee comes from the Irish baen if it means “woman of the faery burial mounds” burial mound that is the land that comes out of the graves, and faerie relative to the fairies, then this meaning of Banshee is interpreted as fairy of the graves.

banshee is a woman with very long and abundant hair with long nails, she is characterized by having a hypersonic scream and they were commonly considered witches.

This mythical character has been part of Irish folklore since the 8th century, and it was believed that every royal family whose last name started with Mac or O possessed a banshee that served their family for generations.

The function of banshees is to commonly announce death with their scream, but there are variations, as these can also be shown from a distance, rise from the ground, or present several banshees together.

It is said that the crying of the banshees is only heard by that person who is going to die, and if this is linked to some family lineage then it is heard by all the relatives.


The Banshee are characteristic characters of supernatural fiction series and film, they can be mentioned:

  • Teen Wolf Youth Series
  • The Shadowhunters book
  • series Supernatural
  • Harry Potter
  • League of Legends Video Game
  • Banshee TV series