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Definition of Badass

The word badass refers to something extremely good or bad, rude, of hostile character. It is an English term but its use has spread to other countries such as Colombia where it can acquire the meaning of good or bad depending on the sentence in which it is used.

In the United States, this word means that an object or subject has the specific characteristics to meet the qualities of being perfect.


  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Splendid
  4. Good
  5. Bad
  6. Rude
  7. Hostile
  8. Strong of character


The term badass comes from the English word that is written in the same way, it is believed that the etymology of this word is a combination of bad, which in English is bad, evil and is used as an adjective to qualify a person or an object that meets that characteristic and the word ass which in English means donkey, referring to the animal.

Probably, its use in Latin countries has to do with both meanings taking into account that the donkey is a stubborn animal by nature and is often similar to people who do not know much about certain subjects or who are very reckless when speaking.


Bad Ass or Badass is the title of an American film released in 2012 in the month of April, its director is Craig Moss and it is about a war veteran who takes justice into his own hands when he sees that his best friend is killed and the police and other leaders do nothing about it.

It is an action movie that translates into Spanish as tough guy or tough man.