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Definition of Baboso

The word baboso usually conveys contempt, dislike or rejection, it refers to a person usually of the male gender who is often cloying, flattering too much becoming overwhelming.

But its meaning will vary depending on the context and the connotation with which it is used because it also means that they drool a lot, or that a place is slippery.

We must be very careful with the context and the way it is used because it also gives to express that a person is silly or simple, and at the same time it can be defined as an adjective for flatterer.


  1. It will have different meanings depending on the context and even the country where this word is used, these are some of its synonyms:
  2. ● Bobo (Chile, Mexico, Peru).
  3. ● Tonto (Chile, Mexico, Peru)
  4. Simple (Chile, Mexico, Peru)
  5. Adulator (Venezuela, Spain)
  6. ● Slippery (Venezuela)
  7. ● Cloying (Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain)
  8. ● Overwhelming (Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain)
  9. Repulsive (Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain) ● Incompetent (Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain)
  10. ● Incompetent (Chile, Mexico, Spain)


Proviene del latín vulgar “bavosus” que traducido significa bobo. Existe otro posible origen cuando se analiza desde el punto de vista de que significa “tonto, que bota saliva por la boca”, en latín baba significa “saliva”, y si se le agrega el sufijo oso que significa abundancia, se obtiene la palabra baboso.


Es curioso que en una sola región se concentren todas las acepciones conocidas del uso de la palabra baboso, ha de ser porque Venezuela es una mezcla de culturas y debido a esto la palabra baboso puede significar desde tonto, a falto de destrezas, o comúnmente ser usada para referirse a una persona empalagosa que causa repulsión.