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AS en TikTok

Definition of AS en TikTok

The meaning of AS is “Adult Swim” or “piscina para adultos” in Spanish. It refers to the name for the programming dedicated to adults that the Cartoon Network broadcasts after midnight. It is widely used in the social network TikTok.


  1. Adult swim.


The social network TikTok is not only for young people, and the “Adult Swim” trend will prove it. Its videos are full of comments asking what “AS” means and revealing the age of the users.

So if you’re old enough to remember, or if this is the first time you’ve heard the term “AS”, it’s all because a user uploaded a clip doing a sort of cover version of BADBADNOTGOOD’s famous song “time Moves Slow” doing one of these bumps. Immediately TikTok was filled with nostalgia.

From that moment on, the accumulation of videos imitating the “adult swim” style has not stopped. Everyone from their own accounts have been encouraged to upload some of the most original versions.

Among the episodes could be seen ‘Bumps’, which were ingenious warnings for the little ones that the children’s hour was over.

These ‘Bumps’ started with videos of adults swimming and you could hear over a megaphone “adult pool” or “adult swim”, and continued: “all children out of the pool” accompanied by what came next, which was usually the announcement of the upcoming program.

Since then, the content of these short videos has evolved and the logo has also changed, until reaching the one we know today.


The “adult swim” was created by a programming manager named Mike Lazzo in 1994. An example is the animated series “Rick and Morty”, which is not recommended for minors due to its plot, script and characters.