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Anulo mufa

Definition of Anulo mufa

The phrase anulo mufa is used by Argentine fans, mostly. It refers to the fact that any person can alter the destiny of any event, in this way, the phrase implies a kind of amulet that serves to decree that you do not want any event and by saying it you have the ability to overthrow what is happening.

The term mufa refers to a mockery or bad joke, luck or bad luck, it is a superstitious term. Similarly, the word anulo comes from the verb anular which means to change, eradicate, root something out.


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ORIGIN OF Anulo mufa

Origin of the phrase anulo mufa
The phrase anulo mufa comes from popular slang, in which it is used as a cabal to decree a certain wish.

The anulo mufa comes from Argentina, a country in which most people believe and trust in coincidences, even if they are minimal, hence anulo mufa becomes popular when, for example, in the Qatar World Cup, fans were waiting for Messi to achieve the dream of being world champion.

In Argentina, mufa is a person who generates or attracts misfortunes, the phrase anulo mufa then serves as an amulet to bring positive energies into your life. Argentines also use this phrase as a counter to attack what they do not want.


The phrase became viral in social networks when it became a hashtag when Argentina lost the first match. The hashtag and millions of memes flooded the social networks TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube shorts.