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Definition of Anormales


It is said of that which is different and different from what is common, what is the rule or what is general, departing from its natural state and the conditions that are inherent to it, although it is also an adjective that refers to a person who possesses a development either physically or mentally inferior to that considered as normal.


  1. Irregular, deformed.
  2. Anomalous
  3. Strange, not ordinary or usual.

ORIGIN OF Anormales

In general terms, the word abnormal has its meaning as “that which is not common” or is not “usual” and derives from the Greek prefix a meaning “without” and the Latin suffix al which translates as “relative to”, all this on the Latin word “norma” which translates as “rule”.

Hence its use in the slang of urban music exponents to refer to the great exponents, that is to say to those who are not ordinary, who are not the same as the others, who break the rule.


This was the name given to the singers of the urban music genre belonging to Nicky Jam’s group, formed by Don Omar and Daddy Yankee, among others.

One of its most prolific and well-known exponents, Héctor “El Father” presented an album of several artists of said genre called Los Anormales. It featured the participation of other greats such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Tito el Bambino, among others.

In Puerto Rico alone, this album sold more than 130,000 copies in only two days, while worldwide it has already sold more than 200,000 copies. In 2019, the album was re-released in digital stores.