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Definition of Hooka

Hookah is a water pipe or smoking pipe.


  1. Pipe, water pipe
  2. Hookah
  3. Bong


The hookah is of oriental origin, although it has been implanted since the first years of the 21st century in American countries and in Europe, and has gained a lot of popularity among people of different ages.

It is a water pipe used to smoke a tobacco specially made with a variety of different flavors, such as mint, cherry, apple, chocolate, coconut, licorice, which makes it much more attractive to younger people.

In Puerto Rico it has seen its rise in certain places, because it is a different mechanism for smoking tobacco or some other substance, such as drugs. Generally speaking, hooka smoking is done in groups, passing the same mouthpiece from one person to another.

Hot charcoal -which is separated with a sheet of aluminum foil- is used to heat the tobacco and create the smoke. As the mouthpiece is sucked in, the hose draws heat out of the tobacco, helping to speed up the heat transfer and this is when the smoke reaches the water chamber and cools down before it reaches the lungs.

It is believed to be less harmful to smoke with Hokka compared to cigarettes, but smoking with hookah also transmits nicotine, and is equally toxic.


The singer Farruko and several exponents of “urban music” use the term. He himself released a song called “Pásame la Hooka” using the term to refer to smoking illegal substances.

Hookahs come in different sizes, shapes and styles. The typical modern hookah has a head, a metal body, a chamber – or bowl – for water and a flexible hose with a mouthpiece.