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Definition of Alucín

In Mexico the word Alucín is used to designate a state of euphoria very similar to that produced by drugs. Or a pleasant state of someone for feeling very good.

However, in social networks alucín is a kind of person who boasts and pretends to be or to have more than he/she really is, demonstrating it by speaking, acting and the way he/she dresses.



Feeling good


Appears to be more


Although in Mexico the word Alucín refers to a state of incoherence similar to the euphoria produced by illicit substances, in recent months the term has become very common in social networks, especially among younger people who use the word to refer to others.

We already know that in social networks there are always new words and variants of existing phrases to express themselves about something or someone, and this is the case of the word Alucín, which recently gained a lot of popularity especially in TikTok and Instagram.

There have been many users who have asked questions about the word and the truth is that it is a popular adjective among youth used when there is someone who believes to be “one more than you”. That person is called “alucines”.


Alucines are usually noted for the level of falsehood, the stories they must tell to justify that they don’t have what they claim to have or don’t know what they claim to know. A braggart or phony.