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Definition of Huitzilopochtli

When speaking of Huitzilopochtli or the “Left-Handed Hummingbird” we speak of the deity of war, solar instructor and patron of the Mexica who under his tutelage became the most powerful people in the Mesoamerican sphere during the Postclassic period.

SYNONYMS FOR Huitzilopochtli






ORIGIN OF Huitzilopochtli

The deity known as “left-handed hummingbird” for his dexterity with the left hand in the handling of weapons was the son of Coatlicue, all these gods product of the inventiveness of the Mexica tribe.

His temple, Huitzilopochco in Nahuatl language, means “the place where Huitzilopochtli is found” and this was erected in a satellite lordship, which the Mexica chose as an exit point for those merchants to accompany the armies of the Triple Alliance in their travels and expeditions and transactions with the Maya tribe.

That is why the temple is an outstanding place and its importance is fundamental, and that is what Huitzilopochtli as a deity represented for the Mexica; war and tribute as part of the economic sustenance.

Nowadays in the main temple stands out the sculpture known as the “Eagle Warrior” located in the House of the Eagles, a religious building located to the north of the Main Temple.

CURIOSITIES OF Huitzilopochtli

In spite of being the most important deity for the life of the Mexica, no representations of Huitzilopochtli have been obtained, except for some codices, because the god was exclusively Mexica and the Tlaxcalteca and Huejotzingas peoples among other peoples who were allies of the Spaniards, did not worship Huitzilopochtli and by the Spanish investigation the native culture was not very appreciated and what was related to their religion was considered demonic.