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Definition of Alebrestado

Alebrestado is the past participle of alebrestarse, which is how a person is designated when he or she is excited, alarmed, or nervous. Even euphoric.

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ORIGIN OF Alebrestado

It is not very clear what the origin of this word is, but one of its oldest meanings in the Spanish language refers to acting like a hare; that is to say, to throw oneself on the ground as a hare would do to hide, which would correspond to the term alebrarse.

The Spanish language is very rich and there are currently 22 Spanish-speaking countries that use Spanish as their official language: Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Spain, of course.

What is certain is that the word has been creeping into Spanish-speaking Spanish and in the most modern language until it comes to designate a person annoyed, angry, furious, upset, even very happy, euphoric, or frantic.

It is also called alebrestado or “alebrestao” to a person who is very animated in excess when ingesting alcohol, although by extension it is also used for the designation of someone who has a very great sexual desire, and even an individual who seeks quarrelsomeness, that is to say a quarrelsome, or quarrelsome.


In countries such as Cuba and Honduras the adjective in question is used to refer to someone who falls in love very often. “That young man is after María, he is alebrestado again”.