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Definition of Alberquilla

Alberquilla is the diminutive feminine noun used for the word alberca. It consists of a tank, pond or artificial storage of water with walls of factory for irrigation for example to wash clothes, in other parts they usually call this way to a pool or a well.

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ORIGIN OF Alberquilla

This word in its vocabulary comes from the noun “alberca” and the suffix “illa” which indicates its diminutive. It is also used to designate the basin to pour the oil in a mill.

In the old oil mills, a tile-walled vessel where the oil was poured with the liquid that came out of the crushed olives to separate them from the oil.

Alberquillas is also a surname and to understand the roots of its history it takes us back to something extremely exciting, because it takes us back to the ancient families that forged this lineage.

Although the surnames have an origin that is given in very specific circumstances of time and space, many of them have been expanding around the world for various reasons, reaching some of these surnames to be common in countries quite distant from their region of origin.

And it is very possible that this is the case of the Alberquilla surname, some of the documents that are available today, we can say that the countries where Alberquilla is more abundant are Spain and the United States.


Alberquilla is part of the group of surnames that have a certificate of nobility attributed by the Spanish Kings of Arms.

As a curiosity we can also mention a simple fact: because also by the roads that lead to Malaga there is a spa called Alberquilla beach.