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Definition of Aeternum

The word aeternum refers to a phrase used in the Spanish language that means for life, forever, for a long time, for eternity.

This phrase is used as a promise in which the person who mentions it promises, swears, or endeavors to do some action or be in a defined way for a long time, usually for a lifetime.


  1. • Eternally
  2. • Forever
  3. • For life
  4. • For eternity
  5. • Always and forever

ORIGIN OF Aeternum

The word aeternum is a Latin word that comes from the root eternum, ad eternum, both with the meaning of eternal.

Generally, this Latin term was commonly used in religious acts. It is said that some writings of the Bible referring to keeping God’s promises or fulfilling the laws had in their original the word aeternum, for life, always, a promise that should not be broken.


Aeternum Game Studios is a video game development company, based in Talavera de la Reina, Spain.

It is a company with over ten years of growth, and they have created famous current console games.

The most well-known is: Aeterna Noctis, a 2D hand-drawn video game that features very interesting battle scenarios that make players love this game even more.

Aeterna Noctis is a video game designed with its translation in mind: The eternal night.

With 30 hours of gameplay, a very famous and exciting soundtrack, many scenarios that contain elements loved by all its fans, and much more, Aeterna Noctis is really the video game that everyone should have at home.