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Definition of 520

The meaning of the number 520 in China or Wu/Er/Ling (pronounced wo-ai-ni), means “I love you” although in that place there are also various combinations – such as 687 which for them means “I’m sorry”.

Therefore, the combination of numbers is nothing more than a simple declaration of love; if you go to a Chinese website, it is very likely that your address book is composed of numerical codes instead of letters, of which everyone knows the context and meaning.

From the point of view of metaphysics, 520 is a Sacred Code to attract abundance because it belongs to a mysterious mathematics that when activated promotes changes.


  1. I love you.
  2. 5201314


The inhabitants of this territory developed this system that links numbers to phonetics, producing a number phrase with a certain meaning of its own. Which only means that by using numbers we can form sentences with meaning.
Originally 520 as an expression started out as a Chinese phrase that was used online to abbreviate “I love you” or “I love you”. But with the passing of time it ended up being associated with May 20 (for month 5, day 20) and with this, stores always prepare to make good sales.


For the rest of the world, May 20 may not mean much, it is just a normal day, but not in China. There it is a very special day as it is the celebration of love, and is known as Chinese Valentine’s Day online or confession day.

“I love you” can be abbreviated through this system in two ways: 520 or 521 (wu er yi) since both are quite close.

In addition, there is a fairly close relationship, which is due to the above, since between May 20 is about expressing feelings, while May 21 is when the answer is received.

If by mistake you send 250 instead of 520 you will be sending the word “Idiot”.