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Definition of Cataleya

Cattleya or Cataleya is a species of epiphytic orchids found mainly in Central and South America. This genus of orchids is present in countries ranging from Costa Rica to Argentina in different habitats at elevations from 100 to 2000 meters. Some species are found in mountain, Amazonian and dry forests.


  1. Different names are used, depending on the area where Cataleya is found and also varies according to the species. The most common names are:
  2. ● May flower
  3. ● May lily
  4. ● Cattleya skinneri
  5. ● Purple Guaria
  6. ● Cattleya trianae
  7. ● Cattleya mossiae

ORIGIN OF Cataleya

Cattleya is also called the Queen of Orchids and was described by John Lindley, an orchidologist who had the opportunity to draw and describe it from the garden of William Cattley and so its name is dedicated to him. The discovery of this genus was in 1824.

According to unofficial sources, in 1819 the aforementioned William Cattley received a shipment containing different plants that came from Venezuela. Five years after receiving the shipment, a beautiful flower that had never before been described by anyone began to grow in his greenhouse.

Cattley hired Lindley who was in charge of drawing it, describing it and giving it the honorary name it has, Cattleya. Today, it is of great ornamental interest, due to its striking showiness and energetic presentation. It has beautiful colors in degradation of tones and soft aromas.


If you want to grow this orchid it is important to know that it should not be watered very often. It is recommended to water it once or twice a week. Although this can vary according to the climatic season and also by the type of substrate. The latter should not remain wet, it is better to check the humidity before watering. Clean and fresh water should be used.