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Cuarzo azul

Definition of Cuarzo azul

Translates to blue quartz in English.

It is one of the gemstones that, in the spiritual sense, is used to obtain calm, peace, tranquility. Its blue color induces to be relaxed and to leave stress aside. It is one of the most used stones by people, as they find in it what they most need to carry the daily stresses.

In the geological sense, blue quartz is one of the most beautiful that can be obtained. Its light blue hue makes it very striking, and it is also the most easily found in deposits. Experts have said that its meaning of tranquility is due to the blue color, the sea is blue and this produces calm.

SYNONYMS FOR Cuarzo azul

  1. Tranquility
  2. Calmness
  3. Peacefulness
  4. Calmness
  5. Blue stone
  6. Blue gemstone

ORIGIN OF Cuarzo azul

Blue quartz has its origin in deposits in the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Venezuela and Colombia. Its tonality is due to the presence of riebeckite, an element that is also classified as a mineral of blue tonalities.

Blue quartz also has a very nice origin in astrology, due to its color reminds the sky, therefore, it is considered that blue quartz is a bridge between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the earthly, it is a stone of healthy connections and relationships.

It is a spiritual stone that also bears the name of sapphire because thanks to its bluish and very clear color reminds this type of mineral.


Did you know that blue quartz is used for chakra cleansing sessions? Above all, the chakra located in the throat, the fifth energy of our body, in the throat we get communication, creativity and purification.