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Zafiro añejo

Definition of Zafiro añejo

Despite its similarity with the sapphire, which is a mineral, a precious stone, in this case it is the name of a liquor. It is a very expensive tequila of strange origin that can produce many hallucinations when drunk.

However, this liquor does not exist in real life, it was created especially for a Netflix series that uses it to poison certain characters.

SYNONYMS FOR Zafiro añejo

  1. Tequila
  2. Precious stone
  3. Liquor of unknown origin
  4. Expensive liquor
  5. Expensive tequila
  6. Bottle of tequila

ORIGIN OF Zafiro añejo

The zafiro añejo, also known in English as aged sapphire, finds its origin in the creators of the Netflix series called Breaking Bad where the characters create this liquor and use it for specific purposes.They sell the bottle and comment that it is very expensive and, in addition, with a peculiar and very divine flavor.

Now, its name was given due to the importance of the precious stone, the sapphire, which is said to have been one of the emblematic jewels of royalty in the times of Christ, kings used it to sign their manuscripts.

Añejo, on the other hand, is the word that follows sapphire and means old, ancient and also refers to wine and alcoholic beverages that the older or aged their flavor lasts and becomes more intense.


Zafiro añejo was a sensation at the height of the series, thousands of fans went out in search of the liquor and, in fact, today there is a bottle that corresponds to the bottle that carries the liquor in the series.

This bottle is sold in different social networks at a very high price, despite this, many of those who love watching Breaking Bad have bought it just for fanaticism.