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Definition of Vieja

This word is used in Colombia to refer to an independent woman older or younger. Sometimes it is used as a synonym for woman or mother. In other places it is a derogatory term to refer to elderly women, although sometimes it is used in the opposite sense, as a word of affection and closeness.


  1. Woman
  2. Independent woman
  3. Mother
  4. Elderly woman
  5. Elderly


The term vieja comes from the Latin vetulus, which in its original sense means of advanced age. Its uses and derived meanings refer to the popular jargon of each country. In Colombia, it is a word that denotes love, closeness and even respect.

Vetus is the prefix of the word that is formed in Latin to refer to old and the suffix, ulus means tiny, reduced, that is why perhaps they believe that the connotation of appreciation comes from that suffix.
The word after the years, instead of a noun began to be used as an adjective, referring to old things or to that which is out of fashion: “a very old clothes”.


The word vieja, in addition to all its meanings, is also the name of a fish that is common in the Canary Islands. It measures about 40 centimeters in length and is bluish-gray in color with some touches of green, red, brown or yellow.

Its most outstanding characteristic is that it has only one tooth in each jaw, a single tooth, so to speak. It inhabits the Atlantic coast of Africa and is edible in many parts of the world.