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Definition of Transdisciplinario

It refers to the quality of transdisciplinarity, i.e., it is a research strategy that goes beyond disciplinary boundaries in order to create a holistic approach. To be transdisciplinary is to value and take into account each field in order to be able to appreciate everything beyond conventional boundaries.

It can be said to be a continuum of knowledge without barriers that extends without limit to connect all branches of knowledge and endeavor. This presupposes that the existing disciplines are integrated into an overall view in order to study the connections between them and their relations of coordination and subordination.

SYNONYMS FOR Transdisciplinario

There are no synonyms for transdisciplinarity or transdisciplinary but terms that are almost always used in the same context.

● Transdisciplinary: encompasses a variety of disciplines transversally where its scope of action is superior to that of each discipline.

● Multidisciplinary: with the knowledge of several disciplines one brings one’s own to the subject in question.

● Interdisciplinary: the knowledge of several disciplines is taken from a specific aspect.

These three terms are sometimes used as synonyms and accepted as such conventionally, although each has its difference and particularity.

ORIGIN OF Transdisciplinario

Since 2003 in a conference held at the University of Göttingen it was mentioned that the term Transdisziplinarität (transdisciplinarity) should converge without eliminating the mentioned usages such as Multi and interdisciplinary. Transdisciplinary is a term that refers to the integration of various forms of research in which methods are included that focus on relating knowledge in order to arrive at a resolution of conflicts.

CURIOSITIES OF Transdisciplinario

When discussing the nature of a problem, being transdisciplinary can help to determine the relevant problems and with the research questions a relational knowledge and a permanent review from different points taken from all disciplines is obtained without any limit.