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Definition of Tiraera

Tiraera refers to the musical war, the lyrical and verbal attack that frequently occurs between corillos in the world of reggaeton.


  1. Musical and lyrical warfare.
  2. Mockery, derision.


In the popular sense the tiraera, (or “beef” in English), are songs containing lyrics that in general are speeches that are used mainly in the urban genre of Hip hop, Rap and also reggaeton.

The rhymes in the lyrics are loaded with a content in which directly or indirectly attempts the degradation of the competition or the rival to whom it is addressed, reaching the famous “verbal or lyrical wars” that include mockery and personal attacks.

The tiraera is generated in New York, when rap competitions were held or in which two opponents had to hold a verbal war completely improvised, while the beat was provided by the DJ.

This tiraera spread to various genres such as Dancehall, where they also tend to indirectly attack the opponent.

Also in reggaeton, which was not left out of this competition, something similar happens, as there are many tiraeras, and rivalries that have arisen between many artists of this genre, highlighting some more than others, and even getting their victory over the rival singer.


There are veteran rappers and singers of this competition or war, among them are: Tempo, Wisin & Yandel (the most outstanding of the two is Wisin), Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Héctor “El Father”, Julio Voltio, Tego Calderón, Lito y Polaco, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Eddie Dee, MC Ceja, BeBe and Vico C, who despite never making an offensive tiraera, stood out for throwing his way with constructive criticism.