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Definition of Tenet

Tenet, is the new film by Crhistopher Nolan, which for reasons of Covid-19, was not released on the date initially indicated.

The film would be released on July 31 of this year, but until work activities begin in shopping centers and cinemas around the world, it cannot be.

What is Tenet about?

First of all “Tenet” means “to go back” in Greek and it is a word that both to the right and backwards means the same thing.

When we see the trailer we realize that there is no linear time travel, there is not even a time travel as such, but that there is a “game with time”.

At the beginning of the trailer his first words are:

-I have a word for you.


-It will open the correct doors … and also, some incorrect.

It is not entirely clear what “Tenet” is, but what is known is that there is an organization in charge of preventing the Third World War.

On the other hand, it is observed that in this game over time, there are things that go in reverse, as well as the shooting scene in which he is not really firing the bullet, but rather recovering it.

You can’t try to understand the movie, you have to feel it, things happen in reverse and Tenet is more dangerous than Armageddon or a nuclear war.

Film actors

Starring John David Washington, former professional football player and son of actor Denzel Whashington.

Actors recognized as: Robert Pattinson, who apparently can “communicate with the future” and clarifies that it is not a time travel in the trailer.

Elizabeth Debicki, the renowned Michael Caine, Himesh Patel, Clémence Poésy are some of the other actors that will be seen on the big screen.