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Definition of B7

“B7” contains too many meanings, this terminology can be found in vitamins, fuel and even in the musical field. Each one will be analyzed shortly.

No. 1: B7 music album.

B7 is the seventh studio album by singer Brandy Norwood, which will be released on July 31, 2020. This production is the first to be recorded under her own record label Brand Nu, Entertainment / eOne.

This album, has been developing since 2018 and will feature 15 songs, on the other hand, the singer ensures that fans will be able to find their own love, with the songs on the album.

No. 2: Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, is found in the foods we eat daily such as eggs, meat, and fish, although each provides different amounts of B7.

In addition, it occupies an activity of great importance in metabolism, since it acts on the carbohydrates and fats of our body, converting them into energy.

No. 3: Diesel B7

Diesel B7 is a label used to recognize the amount of biodiesel in diesel. In other words, in 93% of conventional diesel there is 7% of biodiesel.

Diesel is also called diesel or diesel and is a type of fuel used for heating and diesel engines and is obtained by refining oil.

On the other hand, biodiesel is extracted through a more ecological process, since the base of this fuel is vegetable oil or animal fat.

No. 4: B7 chord on guitar

Also known as Si7 or Si seventh, it is a vital chord for all guitarists when it comes to playing for rock, blues and jazz.

The “B” represents the “Si” chord and the “7” is a degree on the scale that gives a feeling of tension, since on the scale, it is an altered tone.