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Definition of Ixim

While this word is true, it is unusual in urban society, as its origin comes from an Aboriginal civilization residing in Mexican lands. However, this community has also spread across different Central American regions alongside its language, and the word ixim, is one of those terms that has generated noise in the city. Want to know a little more? Let’s go!

Ixim is the name given in the Mayan culture to maize, which is also considered by them to be their main food and that of vital importance within the tribe. Also in his beliefs the god of corn is part of his religion.

Ixim and Mayan Culture

Corn as we all know, has different types, and among them we present the best known:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Red

According to this culture, each corn has a different religious meaning.

It should be noted that Mayan culture is native to Yucatan Mexico and extends to sectors of Guatemala and Honduras. It is the Aboriginal tribe that has the greatest development and is also characterized by its hieroglyphic writing.

Zea mays or as we commonly know maize, according to Aboriginal culture, this food has been cultivated for about ten thousand years ago by its ancestors. That is why the importance and reverence for this food.

The etymological origin of maize, according to the indigenous ain’t language, comes from the word mahis which means“what sustains life”.

In another context, Ixim A.C. A civil society organization is also known in the state of Chiapas-Mexico. It supports the self-development of indigenous communities in conjunction with civil society.

And now that we know the great importance that ixim has for Mayan culture, this being an element that provides a great food and also spiritual strength, we say goodbye until the next meeting. ?