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Definition of SUGAREGG

SUGAREGG is the title of the new album by the band Bully, a band of alternative rock pioneers based in Neshville, Tennessee.

The album already has a release date and will be released on August 21 of this year, and will feature 12 songs. 

This album is the result of a three-year process, it has a slightly different style compared to the other two that the band has released.

The band made it sound more optimistic and offers a sense of acceptance even in the most unpredictable moments.

On June 11, 2020, the band released the first single called “Where to Start”, belonging to SUGAREGG’s third track.

“Every Tradition” was released last July, the song is great, the intro begins excellent and has the incredible voice of Alicia (lead singer of the band).

The leader and founder of the band Alicia Bognanno, who has worked hard on this album, described “Where to Start” as therapeutic.

He commented that “Where to Start” addresses the frustration that comes with love that has the ability to fully control your mood and state of mind.

Alicia Bognanno

Alicia is one of those artists who does not appear very often, since her talents range from engineering, post-production, writing and composition, among other things.

It is an inspiration to many people and not only to people, but also to other future female artists who are interested in having complete artistic control over their career.

Another use of the word: SUGAREGG

What we can differ is that if we divide this word, and we use the first five letters we have the word “sugar”, and of the last three letters we have “egg”.

Usually, only the two words are used together for the gifts given, on Easter Day which is celebrated in various countries of the world.