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Definition of Examinación

Idiomatic error driven by social networks that is used as a synonym for “exam”. In this sense, it can refer to a medical procedure, an academic exercise or another similar one. An example would be: In the examinacion the teacher cracked us.


Wrong word used to mean “examine“, that is, the act of checking the characteristics of something by observation or another method. For example: I am going to do an examinacion of my house to see that nothing was damaged in the earthquake.


Examination is a term that arises from the need or habit of “innovating” in the language. However, it is an idiomatic error both in its use of a noun and in its use of a verb. Its dissemination is due to colloquial use and social networks.

This term, like many other similar ones, is used by the youth population in informal contexts. Although it is denoted as a noun or verb, its structure is not consistent with the rules of the Spanish language to be classified as such.


Other terms that are used in a similar way to “examinacion” and that are also misconstrued are: Matacion, cantacion, nadacion and many others.