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Definition of Runaway

The meaning of this word translated into Spanish is “flee”.

The Spanish translation of Runaway is “flee”, but it can also be translated in other ways depending on the context in which it is to be used.

Also, it is used as an adjective that complements a noun or can be used as a noun. For example:


  • A fugitive man stays overnight in an abandoned house.


  • We have to brake, the car is out of control.


“Runaway” is a single released by Colombian star Sebastián Yatra.

The song was released on June 21 of last year. In addition, it has the collaboration of three other great artists.

The Jonas Brothers had announced on their social networks a week before the premiere of “Runaway” that they would collaborate with Yatra to join them along with Latin rapper Daddy Yankee and female reggaetonist Natti Natasha.

It is a little unusual to see these artists come together to make a theme between reggae and pop, and they all sing in bilingual Spanish-English.

He currently has 300 million views on YouTube and 3 million likes, being for the Colombian singer his video No. 11 in achieving so many views.

It was very successful last summer, so Yatra decided to celebrate by doing an acoustic this week.


This weekend Yatra published on his IGTV singing an acoustic solo of “Runaway”, accompanied by a guitarist, Toby Tobón.

Yatra wrote that he would do his best to rap like Daddy Yankee, and he really does a great job.

This is one of the few songs that he releases singing alone after his breakup, the last few months he has only given us songs in which he has collaborated with other artists such as the band Morat, the singer Danna Paola and the artist Ricky Martin.

Youtube users are delighted with the song, Runaway (Acoustic) already has more than 15 thousand likes in just 12 hours. If you like pop you will surely love the theme.