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Definition of Rímel

Mascara is a cosmetic that is applied to the eyelashes to color and thicken them. It consists of a thick cream that comes with a small helical shaped brush.

In social networks it has been used to refer to men and comment on their sharing and attitudes about their love relationships.


  1. Cosmetic
  2. Makeup
  3. Men’s


The famous makeup for eyelashes, is fashionable in social networks but not precisely for its usual meaning but to refer to men commenting on their compartments and their attitudes in love relationships since when mascara gets dry and weird it has to be discarded.

It was in Colombia, that the trend of making jokes about men referring to them as “mascara” was made fashionable by Lina Tejeiro in her Twitter account, in which she sent a message to her ex-partner, the Antioquian singer Juan Duque.

The tweet reads: “Some months ago I bought a mascara for my eyelashes, and I loved its package so I used it, leaving my eyelashes very beautiful, but with the days it was drying, it no longer had the quality of the beginning, I tried to give it time but it got worse. And as I don’t like to settle for less than I deserve, I threw it away”.

Then the singer Juan Duque quickly took the hint and responded to the actress by changing his name on the famous social network to Rímel Albeiro.

However there are publications of women who talk about men in a so-called “mascara” code that date from days before the publication of the Colombian singer, so it was not there where this analogy began.


From the looks of it, a TikTok publication made by Sofi Espinoza, where she posted a poem really started it all. In it she talked about mascara to refer to a love, so and since then, Twitter and Tik Tok have been filled with comments about mascara.